Money exchange and ATM Bali

The tender in Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Banknotes are worth 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000, 50.000, 100.000 and 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1.000 Rupees (Rp) coins. 100.000 rupees are approximately 160 crowns.

CHANGE MONEY OR WITHDRAW FROM BANKNOTES? There is no clear answer. It depends on whether you want to bring a lot of cash with you, what fees you have in the bank, etc.

Currency exchange in Bali

Do not use exchange offices in Bali, usually small stalls that have a significantly better rate than normal. Always rob you! For example, they unnoticed pull a few banknotes out of the package, or take another trick. Find authorized exchange offices that look serious. But here too, carefully recalculate the money.

You can bring euro or dollars. They will exchange both of them without any problem.

TIP: At the exchange offices at the airport, exchange money only for the first day of your two stay and the rest then in the city. Although there is not much worse exchange rate, but every crown good.

Withdrawals from ATMs

Occasionally, there is a reader installed on some ATMs in Bali that copies your card. It is better to choose from ATMs, which are located directly in the banks and when choosing your hands properly cover the pin. Sometimes it also happens that the ATM does not give you money or eats a card. If this happens, contact your bank as soon as possible, as a rule, they will refund the stolen money.