Public holiday Bali

The Balinese take great pride in their traditions and rituals. Holidays and religions are an important part of life in Bali. At every step, you can see daily cupcakes offering sacrifices to the gods, and in each village there are Hindu temples where various ceremonies are held. These are both spiritual and social affairs for the Balinese, as well as an opportunity to meet friends or family.

The Balinese calendar is called Pawukon and consists of 6 months. It has a total of 210 days. Weeks of the year have different numbers of days and each is dedicated to something different.

Nyepi – Feast of Silence, Peace and Balinese New Year

On the eve of the feast of Nyepi there are great celebrations. In the streets there are majestic processions carrying huge statues of demons and evil spirits called Ogoh-Ogoh, which are finally burned and thrown into the sea.

On the day of Nyepi, there is a curfew all over Bali and everyone must stay at home or in hotels. The locals believe that evil spirits are circling the island on this day and will fly away if they don’t see anyone. Even Denpasar International Airport is closed on this day.

Holidays Galungan and Kuningan

Galungan celebrations last 10 days. These days ancestors and gods descend to the earth to visit their loved ones. The first day of holidays is dedicated to the preparation of temples and decorations. The last day of the celebration is called Kuningan and families meet to pray and offer sacrifices to the gods.