Flight tickets and visa

What visas do you need in Bali and where do you find the cheapest flight tickets? There are many airlines with different prices and services. The journey from Europe is quite long, so it is worth thinking about what you want to save. It is good to take only hand luggage with you, because you will not need a lot of things in Bali and you can buy clothes for a few dollars or wash in local laundries. Especially if you want to travel through the island and do not stay in one place, only a small backpack will be useful.

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Need a visa for Bali?

If you are flying in Bali for less than 30 days, you do not have to deal with your visa at all and you will go straight to the passport control at the airport, where you will get a FREE VISA automatically.

If you are going to stay for 30-60 days, you need to buy VISA ON ARRIVAL for 35 USD (payable in EUR) directly in the lobby at Denpasar Airport and go to passport control with it. At the moment, the bulkheads on the right side of the hall are intended for them (may change). However, you must extend these visas with the Immigration Office for a fee while you stay. The easiest way is to find an agency that will take care of it for you. For example balilegals.com or visaforbali.com.

Another option is VISIT VISA for $ 55, which you can arrange at the Indonesian Embassy in your Country. They allow a stay of 60 days and can be extended by an additional 30 days at the Indonesian Immigration Office. You can stay in Indonesia for half a year. Attention, if you leave the country during this time, the visa is canceled.

Before traveling make sure that this information is up to date on the official website!